Science in My Life

In this short video from AAAS & Science NetLinks, you'll see the many ways science has impacted your life. What others can you add? Share the science in your life on social media with the hashtag #scienceinmylife. You can tag Science NetLinks on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.


Without science, we wouldn’t have some of the most important things in our lives: Ways to prevent illness. Food that’s safe to eat. Water that is safe to drink. Games and toys of all kinds. A quick trip to far away. Enjoying life well after dark. Learning and playing. A cooler place when it’s hot and a warmer place when it’s cold. A way to call a person wherever they may be. Saving the moment. A way to reach around the corner or across the world. Getting from here to there with all my stuff. Staying safe and improving performance. A message that arrives right away. Getting to school with friends. Air that is safe to breathe. Science: Imagine your world without it.

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