Forever Securing World Food Supply with Crop Trust

Follow world-renowned scientist Cary Fowler into the heart of the Arctic, where the Svalbard Global Seed Vault lies in the frozen Norwegian landscape in this 16-minute documentary from GoPro Cause and Crop Trust. Among the most important buildings in the world, the Seed Vault holds the key to human survival: more than 880,000 seed samples, the largest collection in the world. These seeds are critical because, unless safeguarded, agriculture biodiversity is at risk of decline in the face of changing environmental and population pressures. Since the making of this video, the vault was threatened by melting glaciers in May 2017, when water breached the entrance to the building, but stopped short of the vault. Vault managers are now working to create safeguards to cope with melting permafrost should climate change continue to make the vault vulnerable.

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