Divya's Superpower of STEM: The MyVision App

Divya Amirtharaj, a high school junior from Beaverton, Oregon, shares her winning entry to the Superpower of STEM Challenge held by Marvel Studio. She has created a mobile app, myVision, to assist visually impaired people in processing the printed text one encounters in the world on a daily basis, such as on menus, signs, and magazines. The app acts as a real-time scanner for print in multiple major languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese, and Russian, and reads the text aloud.

In this video, Divya explains a little of the background for why she created her Android app and then includes an extensive explanation of the components she used to make her app function, as an example of how an end user might go about making a similar app. She explores how her app is different from what's currently on the market, shares her focus testing, and divulges her plans for expanding the app. Finally, Divya gives a demonstration of the app in the real world, including reading cooking directions on a box. You can check out Divya on Good Morning America here.

Applicants for the Superpower of STEM Challenge were judged on the originality of their project; its potential to be used for good; its ability to be replicated; quality of the presentation; and STEM skills used. The other finalists in the competition were Anna Zhang with an Alzheimer's patient assistance/tracking device; Jillian Eddy with a bike anchor; Kate Stack with an Epi pen demo bear; and Stephanie Walsh with location alarms for commuters.

Stephanie Walsh, Divya Amirtharaj, Cate Blanchett, Jillian Eddy, Anna Zhang, and Kate Stack. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. Used with permission. All rights reserved.

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