Young Women in Science: Forging New Pathways

Young Women in Science: Forging New Pathways

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Young Women in Science: Forging New Pathways is the successor to 2008's Remarkable Women in Science, which outlined the recent successes women have made in the field of science. This new booklet, created by Science in partnership with the L’Oréal Corporate Foundation, offers a glimpse into the lives of young female scientists. All winners of UNESCO-L’Oréal International Fellowships, these women share a love of science, despite their varying backgrounds. Some are American, but others come from Jordan, Jamaica, and Uzbekistan. Some work in labs doing research on cancer and malaria cells. Others are in the field, learning more about animals and plants in the world around us. Yet others are in classrooms, helping to teach the next generation about how exciting science can be.

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While the stories are arranged in a collection designed to encourage more women to explore science as a career, educators should not feel bound to limit their use to that purpose. Teachers will find these essays work to inspire a curiosity about how any young person, regardless of gender, country of origin, or religion, can pursue an exciting future in any scientific field.

A PDF version of the booklet is also available.

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