You and Your Skin

You and Your Skin

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The You and Your Skin interactive was developed by Science NetLinks with funding from Neutrogena as part of the Skin Deep project. This resource provides an introduction to the basic structure of the skin, information about how the skin protects us, and some information on how to care for the skin. There are four main sections to the resource: Function, Anatomy, Protection, and Care. When you click on one of the main sections, you'll be taken to an enlarged view of that section, which contains several subsections represented by the highlighted ring around the circle. Roll your mouse over the ring to see the subsections. To go to one of the subsections, simply click on it. To move from one of the main sections to another, simply click on one of the red arrows found by the ring.

For more information on the skin, click on the Learn More section. If you choose, you can do the Skin Assessment to test your skin knowledge.

Going Further

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This interactive would be a good tool to use in any lesson about the skin and the role it plays in the human body. It also would be a good resource to use in a lesson about systems of the human body. You could choose to use this resource at the beginning of a lesson, say in the Motivation section, as a way to get students engaged in the topic. It also could be used at the end of a lesson, by having students take the Skin Assessment to check for their understanding about what they should have learned. You could even choose to divide students into groups and have each group explore one section of the resource and then present their findings to the class.

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