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The XX Files is a new video series from Science that explores extraordinary women doing extraordinary science. There are currently eight featured videos that focus on women doing interesting work in different scientific fields. Their work includes studying scorpions to understand pain; building better dreams; catching gravitational waves; working as a science illustrator; conducting urban archaeology digs in a disappearing city; exploring the links between body odors, health, and genetics; making buttons that push back; and connecting the microbiomes of humpback whales to their conservation.

Each story includes a longer video feature, as well as two shorter video clips. It also contains narrative sections, links to related stories, and, in the right sidebar, links to the scientist's websites.

Going Further

For Educators

You can use this resource to introduce your students to the many different types of research that scientists engage in. It's also a good resource to help combat many of the misconceptions that students may have about scientists because it shows women of various backgrounds engaged in scientific research.

These stories also can be used as jumping off points for students to conduct their own research to learn more about the topics presented.

What Do Scientists Do?
6-8 |
African Americans in Science
6-8 |
Women in Medicine: Past and Future
9-12 |
The Secret Life of Scientists & Engineers
6-12 | Video
Young Women in Science: Forging New Pathways
6-12 | Teaching Aid

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