Women in Science: Forging New Pathways in Biology

Women in Science: Forging New Pathways in Biology

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Science and the L'Oréal Foundation have teamed up to produce this booklet focusing on 16 women in five different areas of biology research: microbiology, immunology, virology, neuroscience, and molecular biology. The essays about these scientists give you an idea of the differences and similarities between their jobs as well as some insights into their personal triumphs and struggles as they have built successful and meaningful careers. The interviews span the career spectrum from new scientists to more established researchers who have experienced the many ups and downs of a life in biology research.

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This booklet is a must-read for any aspiring young biologist as it provides an engaging introduction to the diversity of disciplines within biology. Since the disciplines are introduced within the personal context of the 16 researchers who are profiled, students can appreciate the nuances of the subdisciplines that fall under the broad category of biology. After reading the stories, students can discuss the differences and use this introduction as a stepping stone to learning more about biological research. In a classroom setting, a teacher can divide the class into groups and assign each group one of the five areas covered in the booklet. Each group can do independent research in these areas and present their findings to the class as a poster or multi-media presentation. For more advanced students, challenge them to find and report on research papers in the fields which were authored by women researchers.

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