Virtual Laboratories in Probability and Statistics

Virtual Laboratories in Probability and Statistics

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The goal of this tool is to provide a set of web-based, standards-compliant resources for students and teachers of probability and statistics. The chapters are grouped into three general areas: Probability, covering Probability Spaces, Combinatorics, Distributions, and Expected Value; Statistics, covering Special Distributions, Random Samples, Point Estimation, Interval Estimation, and Hypothesis Testing; and Special Models, covering Geometric Models, Bernoulli Trials, Finite Sampling Models, Games of Chance, The Poisson Process, Red and Black, Random Walk, and Interacting Particle Systems.

For Educators

Students navigate through each of the three chapters by reading text that consists of exercises that guide them through the development of the mathematical theory and the development of probabilistic intuition, using applets to run experiments or to generate data quickly and easily, and going to links of data sets from actual statistical studies. While knowledge of calculus is required to understand the text, the applets are essentially self-contained and have no mathematical prerequisites. This resource would be a good way to enhance student understanding of probability and the use of mathematical models. The applets provide a way for students to see the math concepts they are studying in action.

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