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Virtual Frog Dissection App

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Virtual Frog Dissection allows you to experience a classic amphibian dissection via an app. Use the Start Dissection button to follow the steps necessary to view a frog's internal organs in a virtual lab setting.

You can also learn a great deal about frogs through many of the other sections. All About Frogs gives you an overview of the order. The Types of Frogs section talks about various species. In the Human vs. Frog section, you learn the ways that frogs and people are different by comparing their circulatory, digestive, and respiratory systems.

More interactive content can be found in the Frog Lifecycle section, which shows you how a frog egg transitions to a full-grown frog and in Interactive Activities, where you can trace a frog's digestive and respiratory processes. The video section includes animations of various aspects of frog life.

Finally, you can check your understanding of frog life systems and frog dissection procedures in the Quiz section. Your 10 most recent scores are stored at a time.

Going Further

For Educators

If a lack of resources, a squeamish stomach, or ethical concerns keep students from this standard biology activity, this app comes to the rescue. With the ability to manipulate simulated tools, students can still get an approximated experience of animal dissection. A series of flashcards details the wet lab process. This section should also be viewed to give students a fuller understanding of the hands-on procedure. 180° and 360° 3D views of all the frog organs are available within the dissection section, as well as in their own section.

Assessment can be completed in the quiz section, which randomly chooses 25 questions from among multiple-choice selections, organ identification, and lab procedures. Correct answers to missed questions are not revealed either during or after the quiz.

There are a few weak spots in the app: Within the dissection, it is not possible to go off-script. Students cannot accidentally find out what happens, for instance, if you don't pin the frog properly or if you cut too hard with the scalpel or if you accidentally switch scissors and scalpel in a step. It also should be noted that the respiratory system interactive activity is a little glitchy. In order to satisfy the program, the frog must breathe in through both the upper and lower airway; picking only one route for air to enter will get you marked incorrect. It is also possible to confuse the program by scribbling all over the screen, so concerned teachers should monitor this activity. Finally, should you wish more than one student to use the app at once, you may wish to ask them to mute their devices, because while you can mute certain sections, you cannot turn off the sound in others, including the quiz. Nonetheless, none of these weaknesses is so great it should prevent you from downloading and using this app with your students.

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