Tsunamis: Know What to Do!

Tsunamis: Know What to Do!

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This short film from the San Diego County Office of Emergency Services explains the basic concepts of tsunamis and safety preparedness. You can follow an animated classroom of crabs through a science lesson covering earthquakes, waves, warning signs, and evacuations. At the end of the presentation, you can perform a song inspired by the information you have learned.

For Educators

This video could be incorporated into earth science studies focused on earthquakes or the ocean. It also can be used as a resource when discussing natural disasters in current events. After watching the video, ask students questions about the information they heard in the video. For this grade level, it may even be appropriate to ask students to draw a picture of what they would do if they were near the ocean and saw any of the warning signs of a tsunami. Students can even learn the song as an easy way to remember important warning signs and safety principles.

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