Tesla: Inside the Lab

Tesla: Inside the Lab

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You will be fascinated to learn about the brilliant inventions of Nikola Tesla. To begin the exploration of these inventions, click on either the AC Motor, Tesla Coil, Radio, Remote Control, or improved lighting icons to get general information about these technological advances. These icons will bring up a “pop-up box” of general information on the top, right-hand side of the screen; each “pop-up box” has a “Learn More” icon at the bottom that you can click on to get more in-depth information. Underneath the five picture icons, there are two more icons on the bottom of this site where you can take a virtual tour of Tesla’s Niagara power system and/or master the fundamentals of electricity!

For Educators

There is an amazing amount of information on this site that is mainly applicable to mathematics and physics. The information includes but is not limited to electron currents, magnetic fields, particles and waves, voltage, power transmission, alternating and direct current, waves, waves propagation, the theory of light, the law of conservation of energy, high frequency and photons, and fluorescence. This site can be used as an enhancement to many classroom lessons surrounding mathematics and physics. Specifically, it would be helpful for major projects or light-hearted activities that could be done in class.

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