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Technology at Home

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This site lets the user go back through the twentieth century to find out when everyday items such as computers, radios, TVs, and CD players first appeared in homes. The activity requires Shockwave, but a text-only version is also available. The activity features a picture of a home with various pieces of technology. Using a cursor that looks like a volume control knob, you can "slide" to any year you want during the twentieth century and watch the changes in technology. By clicking on the technology, learn when this technology was developed. In addition to this activity, you can also explore a section dedicated to various "People and Discoveries."

For Educators

This site provides an excellent motivating activity for engaging students' thinking about inventions and technology. After students have used this site, ask them to think of a piece of technology they can find around their homes. Support students in an assignment to learn more about the development of their choice of technology. Not only can they research when it was invented and by whom, they can write an essay about life before/life after the development of this technology. This writing and research will help them reflect on how technology influences how we live.

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