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This Science NetLinks interactive encourages you to find constellations in the night sky. The resource is broken down into the night sky of the four seasons (of the Northern Hemisphere), and you will learn to identify the locations of four constellations in each season using the constellations’ alpha stars.

There are links at the bottom of the screen that you may want to check out. How to Play offers basic background information as well as instructions for the activity, and Learn More suggests resources for more investigation.

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This activity would fit well into a variety of classroom lessons. The obvious choice is for a lesson on astronomy and the universe during which you discuss what objects appear in the sky. The interactive could be used when discussing the earth’s revolution around the sun and how that causes the seasons, since it plainly shows how one’s perspective of the sky changes depending on what time of the year it’s being examined. You also might consider using it with a lesson on Greek mythology, since the ancient Greeks believed their gods and goddesses placed stars in the night sky to tell important stories.

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