Science Update: Spotlight on African American Scientists

Science Update: Spotlight on African American Scientists

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Science Update is a daily, 60-second feature covering the latest discoveries in science, technology, and medicine. Produced by AAAS, Science Update has reported on thousands of scientific and medical breakthroughs since its inception in 1988. In this Spotlight Web page, Science Update has compiled interviews from its extensive archive that feature a select group of black scientists who are living and working in North America today—and helping to pave the way for those who will follow. The page includes links to audio interviews as well as to transcripts of the interviews.

The following scientists and researchers, representing various career stages ranging from doctoral students to senior scientists, are featured:

  • James West, acoustician
  • Lisa Stevens, zoo curator
  • Aprille Ericsson, aerospace engineer
  • Warren Washington, atmospheric scientist
  • Maydianne Andrade, evolutionary biologist
  • William M. Jackson, chemist
  • Bruce Ovbiagele, neurologist
  • Agnes Day, microbiologist
  • Estella Atekwana, geophysicist
  • Shaundra B. Daily, engineer and computer scientist
  • April Savoy, human-computer interaction researcher
  • Stephon Alexander, cosmologist

For Educators

The resource presents a wide variety of role models that are clearly useful in career education. Moreover, the program segments also can be used to highlight important areas of scientific research as appropriate within your curriculum. Since the radio excerpts are brief, students can listen to most or all of them within one class period to get an idea of the diversity of scientific investigations, as well as to hear African-Americans who have succeeded in science answer questions about topics within their specialty.

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