Slush Rush

Slush Rush

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This interactive from Kinetic City lets you see how computer models can help you deal with uncertainty and make decisions about how to proceed with a project. In this activity, you are presented with thirsty customers from all over the universe. Your job is to choose the number and kinds of drinks to make to satisfy your thirsty customers.

The "Learn More" button provides more information about usefulness of models.

Going Further

For Educators

This interactive resource can be used to stimulate interest in how computer models can be used to help make decisions. It is designed so that students can predict and test what types of drinks they need to make to satisfy their thirsty customers.

Before they click the "Start" button, they should first go through the "How to Play" section so they understand how the interactive works. They also could choose to go through the "Learn More" section to get more information about the usefulness of models.

Allow students to manipulate the interactive on their own. Then discuss with the class what they have observed, encouraging students to discuss what happened when they chose certain ingredients for their drinks. Encourage them to come up with questions or challenges that they would like to explore about computer modeling and making good decisions.

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