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sitesALIVE! follows the live ocean adventures of Skipper Rich Wilson as he sails around the world solo in a 2016-17 race called the Vendée Globe.

After being one of only 11 sailors to complete the 2008 race, Skipper Wilson is back once again to take on the punishing 28,000-mile, non-stop, solo race around-the-world sailing in his 60′ boat, the Great American IV.

Visit sitesALIVE! to keep up with his progress over the next 100+ days. You'll be able to get daily updates on Skipper Wilson's position, the ship log, and biometrics data, as well as a brief audio update. Three times a week, Skipper Wilson and experts on shore will answer questions and share photos and videos. Each week, Skipper Wilson and his crew of experts will share essays on aspects of the voyage. There are also moderated forums and weekly Google Hangouts that you can take part in.

Going Further

For Educators

This resource can be used to help engage students in basic scientific concepts by seeing them experienced in “real-world” situations and witnessing exciting new discoveries almost as they occur. Wilson, a former math teacher and defense analyst, describes his journeys as live ocean expeditions, and aspires to engage students in as much of his adventures as possible.

The teacher's guide offers tie-ins to enhance units on the oceans, weather, astronomy, climate change, and geography, as well as decision-making, physical fitness, biometrics, and health, since Wilson is a senior citizen with severe asthma. The guide also includes a variety of classroom activities, group project suggestions, and ways to engage with the race from home.

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