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Simple Machines

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Help Twitch do his late-night work in the museum by building simple machines. These machines help Twitch solve challenges with a minimum of force. As you help Twitch, the reluctant hero of the site, construct machines out of a wide variety of objects, you learn about the principles of physics along the way. To help Twitch build the machines, you need to collect spare parts that are scattered around the museum. 

To play the game, simply click on New Game or Continue once it opens up. You can choose to watch the introduction or skip it. Once past the intro, you'll see a screen with five challenges on it. Click on the first one to begin play. For each challenge, Twitch will have in mind a number of simple machines that he could use. Pick which one he should use to get to the spare part he needs. Press on the arrow keys on your keyboard to make Twitch move.

Going Further

For Educators

You can use this resource with your students to help review physics concepts with them. You could use this activity after you have had your students work with simple machines in the classroom as a way to reinforce some of the concepts that they have learned. Since the site is designed to inform kids, you could ask them some follow up questions about the simple machines they encountered once they've gone through the game.

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