Sheep Brain Dissection

Sheep Brain Dissection

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A sheep brain is used to teach about memory and where it takes place because its brain structure and functions are similar to the human brain. You will be exposed briefly to the fact that electrochemical connections made between brain cells help us remember the thoughts, skills, experiences, and knowledge that make each of us unique. Through dissections, learn about the cortex, brain cells, and where the three main subdivisions of memory (working, long-term, and skill memory) take place.

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Students can select a topic that most interests them about what they learned and present it to the class. Topics could include but are not limited to, the cortex and its brain cells, the anatomy of brain cells and how they work, and the three types of memory and where they take place. The amount of information that this interactive touches on is vast and thus could be used as an enhancement to many classroom lessons surrounding the human brain, its physiological functions, and/or its learning (including memory) functions.

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