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ScienceLive Chat is an archive of weekly chats, produced by the news staff of Science magazine, with science experts highlighting some of the hottest topics in science. Science is itself has an award-winning daily news site that brings you breaking news from the world of scientific research and science policy.

Chats have been archived, allowing you to browse through the extensive list of previous conversations to find a topic that interests you. Do you want to find out about the teen brain or perhaps learn about the Mars rover? You can go to one of the chats on those topics and find out more.

Going Further

For Educators

This resource would be a good way to expose your students to experts in various science fields and to learn about some of the latest scientific research. You can choose a chat that corresponds with a specific science unit or topic and use it as a way to stimulate interest. In addition, by hearing leading scientists discuss their research, these chats could be a good way to encourage your students to explore careers in science.

Inventors and Innovators
6-8 |
What Do Scientists Do?
6-8 |
Women in Medicine: Past and Future
9-12 |
Changing the Face of Medicine
K-12 | Interactive
Science Buddies
3-12 | Website

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