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Science Underground is the latest from science evangelist, Ainissa Ramirez, in her quest to communicate science in an understandable way and make science fun.This new podcast series features two-minute episodes that explore science in a fun and uncomplicated way. There are seven episodes at the time of this writing plus an introductory episode to introduce Ramirez and describe what the podcast is about.

In the first episode, Ramirez talked about the science behind a football spiral and brought in Hall of Fame wide receiver Jerry Rice to talk about the difference between left- and right-handed quarterbacks, a subject on which Rice is an expert. Other topics include the science behind the changing colors of leaves, how origami can save lives, and why you should reduce the quantity of fossil fuels you consume.

You can listen to the episodes on your computer at either the Science Underground website, by subscribing via iTunes, or by subscribing via Stitcher. You also can download the Soundcloud app and listen to it on your mobile device.

Going Further

For Educators

You can use this podcast to help explain scientific concepts or answer questions that you may hear from your students. They can be used to inform and encourage students to learn more about various science topics. Depending on what topic your students are studying, you could use the individual videos to supplement students' class or lab work. They provide a great glimpse into the types of research in which scientists are engaged and how that research can be used in society. 

The Frog Scientist 1: The Mystery of Disappearing Frogs
6-8 | Audio
What Do Scientists Do?
6-8 |
Organisms in Motion: Practical Applications of Biological Research
9-12 | Video
XX Files
6-12 | Video
Science360 App
6-12 | Interactive

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