Science of a Tsunami

Science of a Tsunami

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This resource is a video from CBS News about the most recent tsunami that hit Samoa at the end of September 2009. The video includes news footage from the Samoa tsunami as well as some footage from the devastating 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. It also includes some explanation of how a tsunami happens along with an animation of how the earth's plates move under the ocean, causing a tsunami.

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This video would be a good resource to use in conjunction with an earth science unit, particularly one that focuses on the processes that shape the earth. The video could be a good tool to use in the motivation part of a lesson, to generate student interest and show how relevant the topic is to the modern day world. After viewing the video, discuss with students their reaction to the devastation of such an event. Also discuss the scientific explanation of the tsunami and how it reflects our understanding of the processes that shape the earth. You also could ask students to write a paragraph on what they would do if they were near the ocean and saw the warning signs of a tsunami.

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