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This app is a vast compilation of scientific and mathematical information from Visionlearning. Visionlearning is an educational resource for teachers and students that provides science learning modules.

The glossary contains definitions for several hundred scientific terms and mini-biographies of dozens of key scientific figures. All of the information is of a very high and understandable quality. It starts with an alphabetical list of all topics. Selecting a topic takes you to an explanation page that also allows you to go to numerous sub-pages. As an example, the topic “base” has 11 sub-topics, each with its own list of sub-topics. From the definition for a term, you can either go to definitions of other terms used on the page or you can go to online learning modules where the term appears.

The theme for this app is to explore, explore, explore. You will never reach all index topics and you will find all the information you need.

Going Further

For Educators

This science glossary is a good app for students to use on their own to look up the definitions of scientific and mathematical terms. They also can use the app to read biographies of various scientific figures. The app could be used in the classroom as a reference resource. It could be used by students to help them get some preliminary information about a research topic.

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