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Science in the Classroom is a collection of annotated research papers and accompanying teaching materials designed to help students understand the structure and workings of professional scientific research. The site is managed by a team of editors of the AAAS research journal, Science. The full text of selected research papers is provided along with annotations to faciliate the use of the papers in the classroom. These annotations include: a glossary, descriptions of the authors' previous work, links to passages that describe experiments, links to relevant news and policy discussion, connections to learning standards, and references and notes. Also included are links to classroom activities that enhance student understanding of the papers and the underlying concepts, as well as the option to download a PDF of the research article and supporting content. New content will be added to the site on a regular basis.

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As this resource focuses on actual research reports published in the journal Science, it is very useful in highlighting the importance of publishing and sharing research in the scientific enterprise. Identifying and analyzing the purposes of the various parts of a typical research report will help students understand some of the practices of science that are traditionally required in scientific careers. Although the papers presented in this resource cover a variety of disciplines, students will be able to see that there are certain common elements to all scientific research. The Science NetLinks Educator's Blog posts Understanding Research Studies and Science in the News offer some additional suggestions on using scientific research results in the classroom. Some of the resources included in that post could help you prepare students for doing the activities in Science in the Classroom.

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