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Science360 is a wonderful app from the Science360 Knowledge Network and sponsored by the National Science Foundation. It provides the latest science videos from scientists, colleges and universities, science and engineering centers, the National Science Foundation, and more. The pictures, graphics, and videos are of a very high quality. All information is very well organized, easy to find, and  easy to use.

The hand icon on the grid provides easy access to the four main options: two finger tap, tap anywhere, pinch grid, and drag grid. You can scroll through the resources by tapping and sliding your finger in almost any direction. The app moves like a sphere when you slide your finger along the screen.

Tapping the picture brings up a detailed explanation. A two finger tap allows you to save the photograph or video. The news section allows for current information to be found. The tag option gives an alphabetical list of all contents to be found on the grid. All information is up to date. It is easy to spend hours exploring the content.

Going Further

For Educators

Science360 is a great place to find STEM resources. This app can be used in the science classroom, as well as in geography and mathematics. You could choose to use the pictures, graphics, or videos available in this app to help you teach a science concept or as a motivation at the start of a lesson. They can be used to introduce or review concepts. Another way to use the app would be to allow students to explore the various resources on their own to help them do research on a particular topic or perhaps even to inspire them when they are trying to choose a topic for research.

Inventors and Innovators
6-8 |
What Do Scientists Do?
6-8 |
Risks and Benefits
9-12 | Website
AAAS/Subaru SB&F Prize for Excellence in Science Books
K-12 | Teaching Aid
VideoScience App
K-12 | Video

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