SB&F Recommended Books for the Science Classroom

SB&F Recommended Books for the Science Classroom

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This resource was compiled by the AAAS review journal, Science Books & Films (SB&F). It contains links to reviews of recommended science trade books for all grade levels categorized by benchmark chapters. Each book listed has received a "Highly Recommended" rating from an SB&F reviewer and has been specially selected by the editors of SB&F as an outstanding resource for the science classroom.

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Although we have catalogued this resource under benchmarks in the Nature of Science chapter, teachers can use this resource to identify books that supplement a wide variety of content areas. These books can be used for classroom research, as supplemental material for lessons, as independent readers for students, or as resources for project ideas. The books can also be used to integrate language arts and science instruction, especially for children in the younger grades. The resources listed in the section below provide examples of how science trade books can be used in science instruction.

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