SB&F Book Club Guides

SB&F Book Club Guides

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Science Books & Films (SB&F) now offers book club guides for some of its most engaging popular science books. These guides can serve as tools and encourage book clubs to choose a science book to read and discuss in their club. The guides are separated into two sections: those for General Audiences and Young Adults and those for Middle School Students.

Each guide provides a description of the book, explains who the book is for, gives information about the author, and says why it should be read.

For Educators

This resource can be used to help you find science books to use in your classroom to help reinforce the concepts you are teaching. Science-based literature is a key part of an environment that supports students' development of scientific concepts. Well-written and developmentally appropriate literature supports students' interest in learning science by presenting content knowledge in narrative form to help students understand difficult science concepts. The guides that are provided for each book have thought-provoking questions that can help your students analyze and discuss the books.

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