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This interactive is one of several on the human body produced by BBC Science & Nature. In this interactive, you will be able to learn about the changes your bodies go through during puberty. The main screen of the interactive presents two options: either male or female bodies to explore. To discover the changes a boy goes through, click on these "hot spots" on the boy: brain, face, voicebox, sweat, hands, and genitals. To discover the changes a girl goes through, click on these "hot spots" on the girl: brain, face, breasts, hands, hips, and genitals. Upon clicking on the hot spots, information will come up on the top right side of the screen and an animation will come up on the bottom right side of the screen. In the animation, play the animation by using play, pause, and rewind buttons. To view the image of the adult versus the child in both sexes, select the icon located on the bottom left labeled adult and then click the icon labeled child to compare the two.

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This site is a great resource to utilize when teaching students about puberty. The interactives review changes that occur both internally and externally in the female and male bodies. The information provided would be a great asset to lessons regarding puberty in general or to specific aspects of puberty (menstruation, hormonal changes). On the right side where the information comes up, there are links about each "hot spot" marked in yellow that users can read for more information about the area of interest. A fun activity for the students would be to put them in groups with the task to make questions for a test that you will put together after reviewing all the questions. Each group would be given a different topic and they would be assigned to come up with 5 to 10 questions that would be a combination of True/False, fill in the blank, select the appropriate question, and short essays. This test could be given in class for extra credit.

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