Project BudBurst App

Project BudBurst App

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Project BudBurst is part of a citizen science program designed to encourage local participation in a national research effort. This particular app has several functions. You can view photos of local or regional plants, with accompanying information about each plant. You can search for invasive, poisonous, or endangered plants. The primary function, however, is to provide a mechanism for individuals to report the developmental status of plants in their community. The data are used to develop plant distribution maps, calendars of when plants are blooming, announcements of where to view fall colors, etc. The information is posted on the Project BudBurst homepage, which is directly linked from the app.

Going Further

For Educators

This app could be used at the 6-8 or 9-12 grade levels. The lower grades (6-8) would need assistance from parents or teachers to be successful. The app could be part of an ongoing project where students track plant development (budding, flowering, and fruiting) for local “calendar” plants (BudBurst term). The app could serve as the foundation to develop a new lesson that focuses specifically on seasonal plant development, or could be used as reference/support material for existing lessons on climate change, drought, and invasive species or species diversity. The downloaded photographs could be used in support of grassland or forest ecology lessons.

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