PowerPoint in the Classroom

PowerPoint in the Classroom

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This site is a tutorial designed to show K-12 teachers how to use PowerPoint in the classroom and includes a tutorial for how to teach students some basic PowerPoint features. You can learn about PowerPoint toolbars; how to save, move, and design layouts of your information; and how to incorporate animation, text, and sound for your presentations. This tutorial is part of a larger site created by actDEN, which currently offers seven software tutorials, produced in conjunction with Microsoft K-12 Education.

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Follow the guidelines provided in the tutorial about how to teach students about using PowerPoint. Once students understand how to use the individual toolbars, have them work together to create a few slides. Depending on the age level of your students, you can have students work together in small groups or you can make this a large group project. Once students have created their slides, they will enjoy presenting their slides! Invite an audience, perhaps other classes, the principal, and/or parents to come to their presentation.

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