Power Up!

Power Up!

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This Science NetLinks resource challenges you to think about the positive and negative consequences of various types of power. The site provides you with a specific monetary budget, which you can use to purchase power plants for your city. As you choose your types of power, you will learn how much power the plant provides, how much it costs, and the effect it could have on the environment.

Going Further

For Educators

As an extension of using this resource, students can investigate the types of power used in their community. Students can research the types of power their community uses, how much they cost, and the effects these power sources have on the environment. Older students can be challenged to consider alternative types of power for plants that are harming the environment.

Power Up!
3-5 | Interactive
Energy Resources and Trade-Offs
6-8 | Interactive
Harnessing Solar Energy
6-8 | Hands-On
Carbon Emissions
6-12 | Audio
Your Carbon Diet
6-12 | Interactive

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