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The Planets App, by Q Continuum, provides several different ways for you to get information about objects in the sky. In the Sky 2D view, you are provided with a flat view of the sky that includes the location of various planets. In the Sky 3D view, you get a planetarium view of the sky that shows stars, planets, constellations, etc. There is a compass feature that will orient the screen based on the direction in which you point the tablet.

Some of the other features available with this app are the Visibility and Globe ones. With the Visibility feature, you can get more information about the planets, moon, and sun by touching on the various objects, which will take you to another screen of information. With the Globe feature, you see a 3D globe of planets and moon that you can manipulate by touching and moving your finger to rotate the object.

Going Further

For Educators

This resource can be used to help complement students’ study of the solar system, constellations, and stars. Like the GoSkyWatch Planetarium app, it also could be used with younger students when they do their observations of the night sky. The app can help them locate planets and stars and get some more information about the planets, moon, and sun.

In the Sky 3D view, you could instruct students to study the various ways to look the sky—either with the Visible, X-Ray, Hydrogen a, Infrared, Microwave, or Radio feature.

The Visibility view might be more appropriate for older students, who can click on the planets, sun, or moon to get more information. For the planets in particular, students have the ability to go to a Wikipedia page on each planet.

Finally, in the Globe view, students can choose to look at the planets or moon in 3D view and they can touch these objects and rotate them around as they wish to get a better look at their features.

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