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This app is an electronic version of the Periodic Table of the Elements. It was developed by EMD Chemicals. The home page of the app presents a color version of the periodic table. Clicking on any of the atomic symbols brings up detailed information about the element, including physical characteristics, reactivity, uses, discovery, and unique features. On the left side, a pop-up menu allows search by various characteristics, ranks the elements by different characteristics, calculates molar mass by formula, and graphically displays properties as an overlay of the period table. The content and technical information appears good overall, although there are some rough edits. For example, the various number values are mostly written in conventional US format, but occasionally some are listed in a European format (commas instead of decimal points.) In some of the general descriptions, there are duplicate statements in adjacent sections. More seriously, the table is not up to date, as nothing is listed for elements 113 to 118. Although few properties are known for these elements, they do exist and should be listed.

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For Educators

This app was not specifically designed for educational use, but it is quite appropriate. You could use the app when explaining trends and patterns in properties of the elements. You could develop exercises to have students use the app to “discover” some of the periodic properties the table represents. One indication of its industrial “roots” is listings of products for analytical testing of various elements, something not useful for the classroom. It is most appropriate for high-school level students.

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