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This interactive is one of several on the human body produced by BBC Science & Nature. In this interactive on organs, you will have fun learning about the organs of the human body. You can click on the organs game to review both the male and female organs in whichever order you prefer. The male and female body interactive reviews 16 organs: skin, kidneys, bladder, pancreas, gallbladder, appendix, spleen, lungs, liver, brain, stomach, voice box, large intestine, small intestine, heart, and genitals (female and male genitals for female and male bodies, respectively).

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Students can review the organs in this interactive via the left side by choosing which organ they want to learn about. On the right side, students can read the information in the "Did You Know?" section. To move the organ into the body, they first need to rotate the organ to its proper position. Then they can drag it to the proper location within the body.

While doing this section, users can get help by clicking on the "Hint" icon and they also can click on the "Show Skeleton" icon if that helps them with the organ placement. In the "Drag and Drop" section, there is a "Fact File" that users may select to get more information about the organ they are trying to rotate and place within the human body.

This site is a great resource to utilize when teaching students about human anatomy. The game reviews female and male organs in terms of function and proper placement within the human body. This activity would blend well with a lesson that gives an overview of the human body or lessons that are more specific to a particular organ. There are links for each organ that have a wealth of information about them. A fun activity for the students would be to put them in groups with the task to make a game that they could play that would be both fun and informative. Each group could be given a different topic, such as a specific organ or a specific region of the brain or all organs (in terms of placement).

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