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Ology, which means "the study of," is an interactive site offering you the opportunity to learn more about a wide variety of science disciplines. Topics include genetics, biodiversity, paleontology, marine biology, Einstein, and astronomy. Ology features information—experiments, activity, and project ideas—and the opportunity to meet other "ologists" (both children and adult).

For Educators

Have students explore Ology. Ask them to choose one science field of their interest for more in-depth investigation. Students can read all the information available on Ology for their chosen field, and also meet the oligists. Students can then write a letter to an ologist of their choice about what interests them, including asking any questions they still have. From this exercise, students will learn about these fields as well as learn how scientists apply information and investigative methods in everyday living through their work.

Changing Illusions
3-8 | Interactive
6-12 | Interactive
Be an Archaeologist
6-12 | Interactive

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