Obesity: The Science Inside

Obesity: The Science Inside

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Part of The Science Inside series which presents science information in an easy-to-read format, this booklet discusses the importance of good health habits such as eating right and exercising. It talks about how the body takes in energy and what it does with excess energy it doesn't use up. Other topics that are covered include the health problems to which obesity contributes, as well as how to prevent and treat obesity. Additional resources, a bibliography, and a glossary are also included.

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All of the booklets in The Science Inside series can be used to help students build important health literacy skills, such as understanding important preventative health measures; understanding basic health information with a goal towards utilizing it to make appropriate health decisions; and understanding national and international public health and safety issues. You can use “Part 2: What Causes Obesity?” to frame a discussion of how our bodies use food. This section begins with a discussion of how lifestyle changes over the ages have contributed to obesity. It also discusses biological aspects of nutrition and explains the role that calories and carbohydrates play in digestion and obesity. The role of metabolism and exercise are also discussed.

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