Number Cruncher

Number Cruncher

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This Science NetLinks interactive challenges you to consider mathematical equations to get from one number to another in a math maze. You use a series of addition, subtraction, and multiplication equations to reach your goal. To add an additional challenge to the game, those who solve the problems easily can limit each level to reaching the target in seven or fewer steps.

The activity appears as a 5x5 matrix of numbers, each of which has a symbol next to it, indicating whether it will be added to, subtracted from, or multiplied by the previous number. You start in the center with a given number and then must choose an adjoining number to complete the next step.  Proceed until you have successfully made the goal number or until you have run out of usable numbers on the game board (either by reaching a dead end or by using up all the numbers on the board).

Going Further

For Educators

This resource helps students become more proactive in manipulating series of numbers using mathematical processes and consider the big picture by thinking through several smaller steps before acting. This activity will help students with lessons in logic, decision-making, and task planning as well as make them more confident with their math skills.

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