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Net Frog

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Net Frog provides a virtual opportunity for you to perform muscle and skin incisions of frogs. The site combines still images, Flash animations, and interactive prompts to guide you through step-by-step procedures. The activity has three basic stages:

  • A visual and text introduction to the steps involved
  • QuickTime movies showing the procedures
  • A practice section, which asks students to perform the procedures

After completing the activity, you should be able to identify the appropriate locations in dissection procedures and the major organs within the cavity of a frog.

For Educators

This activity requires a QuickTime plug-in. The site provides a simulated environment which will be useful for students who are not comfortable with real dissections. The online dissection takes students step-by-step through the process, and can be done without teacher intervention. The material is designed to accompany biology classes. For most effective use, follow up this activity by taking students through an actual dissection and by letting students use real tools. It is suggested that students do this activity in pairs, so they can share responsibilities.

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