Nervous System

Nervous System

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This interactive is one of several on the human body produced by BBC Science & Nature. In this interactive on the nervous system, you will have fun learning about how different body parts are connected to the nervous system. You can review both the male and female systems in whichever order you prefer. The nervous system interactive reviews a different set of 10 body parts each time you click on the interactive. This site contains a great deal of information about the nervous system. It reviews the nervous system anatomy in both diagram and verbal forms.

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To use this interactive, students should first choose a gender. When they do so, they are taken to a screen with an image of a human body in the middle. On the right side is the name of a body part and a picture. Students should "Drag and Drop" the body part in the correct location of the body and then choose one of five possible sections of the central nervous system (sacral, lumbar, thoracic, cervical, or cranial) that the body part's nerves connect to in the body. Students can choose another body part under "Choose A Bodypart" on the left side of the screen. On the right side, students can read the information in the "Did You Know?" section and then do the "Drag and Drop" section. Students can get more information about the brain by clicking on the "Brain Factfile" icon in the "Drag and Drop" section. (Note: throughout this interactive, this icon will always bring up the same information.)

An educational and fun activity for students would be to let them pick a body part that they would like to research. Have each student put together a lesson plan that they feel would benefit all students in their grade level. Tell them to include diagrams, drawings, photos, etc., to teach their topic.

6-12 | Interactive
6-12 | Interactive
6-12 | Interactive

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