National Optical Astronomy Observatory

National Optical Astronomy Observatory

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The National Optical Astronomy Observatory (NOAO) is the national research and development center for ground-based night-time astronomy. The observatory itself provides public access for professional researchers to the telescopes operated by NOAO. The observatory's website, however, provides various resources that you can use to learn more about telescopes and astronomy.

The resource has several sections, including News & Reports, an Image Gallery, a Library, and Education & Outreach. This last section works to bring to you world-class scientific research and technology development. It provides links to a variety of projects conducted by the organization as well as resources for hands-on activities that you can do in the classroom or at home.

Going Further

For Educators

There are a variety of resources available on this site that you can use in your classroom to help engage your students in astronomy and space studies. You can use the activities in the Education & Outreach section to help supplement your curriculum and provide students with hands-on activities to help them learn the science concepts. In addition, the images available in the Image Gallery can help spark students' imaginations about the universe. Each image also has accompanying text that provides some information about the image. Students could use this as a jumping off point for their own research.

Looking at the Night Sky
3-5 | Interactive
Is Pluto a Planet?
6-8 | Audio
How Old Are the Stars?
9-12 | Hands-On
Tilted Earth
6-12 | Audio
Sizing Up the Universe
6-8 | Video

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