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If you are an Earth and space science geek, then this app is for you. It's a great way to get stories about advanced space-based research right on your iPad. The app is a direct connection to NASA's fleet of research spacecraft and serves as a news outlet for NASA's space-based Earth science research. The app also treats you to brilliant images and engaging animations for each story, which give you a better idea about what is being discussed.

To use the app, you start by choosing a story. Each story comes with a selection of multimedia clips. You move through the different stories either by swiping, or by using the bottom menu tab to select the story you’d like to view. Each individual update comes with a title image. One tap of the up arrow will reveal the full text as well as additional graphics.

Going Further

For Educators

This resource can be used to help engage students in learning about and understanding Earth and space science. You can use the app in the classroom to provide your students with cutting-edge research on Earth and space science topics. Or, students can use the app on their own to help them get information on a certain topic. The app could serve as a springboard to encourage students to pursue their own research on the topics presented in the app.

Exploring the Solar System
6-8 |
How We Know What We Know about Our Changing Climate
6-8 | Audio
Abrupt Climate Change
9-12 |
How Old Are the Stars?
9-12 | Hands-On
Tilted Earth
6-12 | Audio

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