NASA Kids' Club

NASA Kids' Club

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NASA Kids Club is an excellent site for "kids" of all ages and provides an abundance of information, images, and interesting things to do on astronomy and the space sciences. Easy to navigate, the site's more useful and interesting features include:

  • Now in Space—where you can learn more about the crew on the International Space Station
  • Clubhouse—where you can play games
  • Pictures—of astronauts, scientific instruments, space, etc.

You also can choose to go into one of five different levels where you can play even more astronomy related games, like Addition Blastoff, Roving on Mars, and Jumbled Jets.

Going Further

For Educators

You can use this resource to help supplement your instruction on concepts related to astronomy and space science. The information about the astronauts could be used to encourage your students to consider careers in the space sciences. You can use the interactive activities to help reinforce some of the science concepts you are teaching in school. For instance, you could use the Go to the Head of the Solar System interactive at the end of a unit on the solar system to test students' understanding about what they have learned.

Sky 1: Objects in the Sky
K-2 | Hands-On
Star Search
K-2 | Hands-On
Gravity Launch Mobile
3-5 | Interactive
Lunar Cycle 2: The Challenge
K-5 | Interactive
Planets App
3-12 | Interactive

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