Museum of Science, Boston

Museum of Science, Boston

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The Museum of Science, Boston website is more than a companion site for the physical museum. It is an educational destination in its own right and it has a little bit of something for everyone. 

There are a variety of pages within the site useful to students, teachers, and the general public. The pages on the museum's exhibits would be an excellent introduction if you are planning a visit. If you go to Museum Online, you'll find a collection of the museum's online exhibits, which encompass everything from renewable energy to paleontology. Also provided are links to other sites on the topic and videos or podcasts that provide more information. The videos and podcasts would be useful if you are searching for primary sources to include in a paper.

The museum even has its own app that explores the museum's history. It's available for both Apple and Android devices.

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For Educators

The Educator's Section is the place to go to find resources specifically geared to you. If you live in the Boston area, you can make use of the Lyman Library. For the museum's online offerings, you'd probably want to check out its Curriculum Projects, which provide additional resources developed by educators at the Museum of Science, in partnership with major companies and organizations. The curriculum projects offered include: Building Math, Engineering is Elementary, and Engineering the Future.

You also can make use of the museum's online exhibits to enhance your classroom instruction.

Insect Models
K-2 | Hands-On
A Taste of Exploratopia
3-5 | Hands-On
What Do Scientists Do?
6-8 |
Properties of Sound Waves
9-12 |
K-8 | Website

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