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This interactive is one of several on the human body produced by BBC Science & Nature. In this interactive, you will have fun learning about the muscles of the human body. This site contains a great deal of information about the muscular system. It reviews muscle location and has a visual interactive of how the muscle moves a body area. It also has various topics about muscles, including: muscle structure and contraction, facial muscles, muscles working in pairs, muscle tone, heart, fast and slow twitch, skeletal, cardiac, and smooth muscles.

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To use this interactive, students should first choose a gender. When they choose a gender, they are taken to a screen with an image of a human body in the middle. On the right side is the name of a muscle with a clue and a picture. Using information provided in the "Clue" box (top right) and clicking on the "Hint" box (bottom right) if needed, students can decide where to "Drag and Drop" the muscle in the body. Once students place the muscle in the correct position, they can then click on the control buttons to see how the muscle moves a body part. In addition, there is a yellow arrow that students can click on to gain further information about the muscular system. Upon completion of one muscle, students can click on the next muscle in the list under the "Choose a Muscle" box (left side).

You can use this interactive to reinforce instruction on the human body and particularly the body as a system. Students can use this interactive to help them get some preliminary information about a specific muscle or a topic about muscles for a research paper. They could include diagrams, drawings, photos, etc., in their paper.

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