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The Mitosis app is a good tool to use if you are learning about mitosis in your high-school biology class. This app provides an interactive guide of the process of cell division that you can take along with you on your mobile device.

The app has two different sections. One is the Tutor, where you can Explore, Read and Listen, or Test Yourself. Explore is the most interactive feature in the Tutor section because it is where you get to directly interact with a cell in its various phases of mitosis, from interphase to cytokinesis. You can simply listen to the audio, or you can follow along with the text that accompanies each phase. Both the audio and text will provide you with directions on how to move the cell along with cell division, either by touching and dragging parts of the cell or by pinching.

In the Library section, the Videos feature provides four videos on mitosis. Or, you can choose to view images of cells dividing under a microscope or look at the glossary of relevant definitions that are right at your fingertips. The Resources feature takes you to mitosis information available from various institutions.

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This app would be a useful resource to use in your high-school biology classes to help engage students in the study of mitosis. It could be used in conjunction with classroom activities about cell division. For example, students could use the Explore feature of the app to go through the interactive and then they could do the Test Yourself feature. The Images in the Library provide yet another way for students to see cell division, this time by viewing images of actual cells dividing under a microscope. These images have been put together into two slide shows.

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