Migration Station

Migration Station

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This resource from the National Geographic uses a virtual train station to promote understanding of why people migrate. The site includes maps showing migration patterns within Europe, including Ireland, Russia, Italy, France, Germany, and Great Britain.

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Students first click on a map on the wall of a virtual train station. A screen pops up that shows a console with three countries listed under “Departing From” and three under “Arriving In.” Next to the console is a map of Europe with groups of arrows on six countries, either pointing in or out to demonstrate either emigration from or immigration to each country. Students can either click on a country’s name on the console or click on the arrows on the map to read two paragraphs highlighting the reasons why people migrated from their home country or to their host country.

This resource would be a good addition to lessons on population dynamics and migration. Students can use the resource independently to explore migration patterns in Europe and perhaps do some online research on the characteristics, distribution, and migration of population in Europe.

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