Microbial Life Educational Resources

Microbial Life Educational Resources

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This resource provides expert information about the ecology, diversity, and evolution of micro-organisms. The resources, which are built around themes, include topics such as microbial ecology, evolution, and diversity. The site contains sections devoted to microbial life in extreme environments and in marine environments. An interesting collection of resources related to microbial observatories presents profiles of Microbial Observatory projects, including overviews of the research programs, introductions to the research teams, key research questions, methods, significant findings, links to related resources, and if available, suggested instructional activities.

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A section of the site focuses on Resources for K-12 Teachers and Students and includes activities for students and an extensive collection of resources to help teachers utilize the resources in the classroom. This portion of the site also identifies the relevant learning goals and standards for middle-school and high-school grades. Another interesting section of the site focuses on case-based learning, providing an introduction to methods used in this approach as well as several teaching units in which they can be applied.

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