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Microbe World, brought to you by The American Society for Microbiology, is a superb site for anyone interested in microbiology. You'll find the main informational section by clicking on About Microbiology at the top left of the screen. In this vast section, you can find information on types of microbes, tools microbiologists use, profiles on what microbiologists do, a microbe gallery, and a history of microbiology. The resources in the classroom experiments section provides great project ideas for teachers and students.

You also can explore the podcasts and videos available on the site, including podcasts on virology, microbiology, and bacteria and video documentaries about disease and the microbiology of Yellowstone.

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For Educators

You are encouraged to make use of the various resources on this site to help engage your students in the study of microbiology. You can use the multimedia content as part of your classroom curriculum, assignments, and extra credit. The hands-on activities provided on the site would be a good way to give your students a chance to experience first-hand some of the concepts you discuss in class.

Germs and the Body
3-5 | Hands-On
Microbes 1: What's Bugging You?
6-8 |
The Invisible Kingdom
9-12 | Video
Dolphin Healing
6-12 | Audio
Microbial Life Educational Resources
6-12 | Website

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