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Matific is a hands-on and interactive app that uses bite-sized apps for tablets and personal computers to teach math skills. It has hundreds of games and activities you can play to work on your math skills! To use the app, you can enter as a guest and play for free. This will allow you to play a limited number of games, like Bees and Flowers, Boat Equations, Save the Ball, or Cross the River. To choose a game, tap on the grade level you want to play at and then tap on a game. Each game provides you with all the instructions you'll need to go through it and practice your math skills!

If you want to have access to all of the games that are available, your teacher or parents could choose to sign up for a premium account that would provide more math games for you to play.

Going Further

For Educators

As an educator, if you choose to sign up for the premium package, you'll have access to a teacher dashboard that you can use to help you keep track of students' progress and identify areas for improvement. The app also allows you to search for activities based on Common Core standards. All of the activities are well organized by grade and content, which make them easy to integrate into your curriculum.

One way to use these activities in the classroom would be to use them as supplements to the concepts you're already teaching. Many of the activities involve trial-and-error to find a working solution. This method can be quite effective with students who like the challenge of figuring out things on their own. You could perhaps build on this trial-and-error approach by having your students share their ideas for what worked with the class.

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