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The Math Forum is a well-known center for mathematics and mathematics education on the Internet. Its stated goal is "to build a community that can be a center for teachers, students, researchers, parents, educators, and citizens at all levels who have an interest in mathematics education.” Simply put, it is a mathematics gold mine.

The site is easy to navigate by clicking on the tabs at the top or clicking on some of the links on the homepage. Got a question about math? You can click on "Ask Dr. Math.” Need a problem that will challenge you? Click on "Problems of the Week." As a student, you can click on the "Students" tab and find a bunch of resources to help you with your learning. You can even look at the resources by grade level. There are also pages for college students at both the undergraduate and the graduate level.

Other sections of the site that may be of interest to you are: Math Tools, which provides a collection of technology tools, lessons, activities, and support materials for teaching and learning mathematics, and Math Tips & Tricks, which provides tips for things like doing calculations in your head. Both of these features can be found in the Students section.

Going Further

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You can use this resource to find ideas for lessons, information on how to teach tricky topics to students, professional development, etc. The site offers a wide range of resources, some of which are highlighted here:

You can use these Science NetLinks Related Resources to engage your students in some more math-related activities:

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