Material Marvels

Material Marvels

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Step into the fascinating world of materials science and mechanical engineering with this series of videos by Dr. Ainissa Ramirez, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science at Yale University. This collection from Science NetLinks provides access to seven videos about cutting edge materials by Dr. Ramirez. The topics covered by the videos range from graphene to solar cells.

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For Educators

This collection of science videos can be used to inform and encourage students to learn more about materials science and mechanical engineering. Depending on what topic your students are studying, you could use the individual videos to supplement students' class or lab work. They provide a great glimps into the types of research in which scientists are engaged and how that research can be used in society. 

The Chemistry of Hair Care
9-12 | Hands-On
Rocket Launch
9-12 | Hands-On
Star Power! Discovering the Power of Sunlight
9-12 | Hands-On
Solar Blind
6-12 | Audio
Make a Mission
6-12 | Interactive

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